An Inspiring Story!

An Inspiring Story!

Via Lingua ELS Student Story: Rolf


Would you fly 5,000 miles—from the  West African country of Togo, to Boston, Massachusetts--to take a single, month-long course? Not many would—but Rolf Allahare was determined to do just that in summer of 2016, to begin a career in teaching English. Fortunately for Rolf, the trip proved well worth the long flight, he says. Today, he is both a successful teacher and counselor who advises other Togans to come to the US for study.

Rolf, a French speaker like all Togo citizens, became fluent in English by studying at the International Education Pathways school (IEP) in the capital city, Tome.  Togo, bordered by Benin and Ghana, is one of the tiniest countries on the continent and only became independent in the late 20th century.

After hearing about Via Lingua/ ELS’ Certification program in teaching English as a Foreign Language, Rolf took pretests, completed paperwork, and set off for the US.  The 4-week TEFL Certification course provided him with skills in teaching, evaluation, cultural adaptation, class management, and more. (The program also provides career counseling: 100% of graduates have received teaching offers—and now teach in the U.S., Asia, Africa, Russia, and elsewhere).   On graduating and returning to his homeland, Rolf was  almost immediately invited by the  former IEP director to join the school’s teaching staff.

Rolf now teaches English, reading and history as well as a translation course.  He is also Head of Student Support. As such, he provides moral support and makes recommendation for study abroad.  


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