Global Charity Support for Education

Global Charity Support

Global Charity Contributions for Education

Via Lingua International believes in encouraging our staff and trainees to consider those who are less fortunate. We contribute to a variety of charities each year with the goal of providing support specifically to educational initiatives.

Our local centers also support selected charities and organize school and community events to raise both awareness and funds.  We also provide opportunities for our trainees to get involved with these events while they attend our courses.  In addition, the Via Lingua Group regularly lends its support in response to world emergencies.


Build A School  is focused on supporting the developing world in two key ways:

  • To fund the building of classrooms in developing countries
  • To provide education in sustainable living.



 Paper 4 All


Paper 4 All’s key objective is to distribute school supplies to the greatest number of primary school pupils as possible.  These distributions renew supplies and avoid what we used to see in those schools before our intervention: writing in notebook margins, writing on top of old lessons in a different color, sharing notebooks between siblings, sharing pens and pencils between different classes, pupils without a reading book or notebook…

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