Our TEFL Trainee Comments. What they say about Via Lingua.

Our TEFL Trainee Comments

What they say about Via Lingua


"My favorite moments came during my first teaching practice, when I realized I have the public speaking skills to teach effectively. Instructor feedback conferences were always really useful to hear what to work on as well." (2020)

 "Mostly, I learned more about myself, and I have a new sense of confidence and empowerment I didn't expect to gain. I also learned how much teaching, culture and community go hand-in-hand,  which is something I appreciate--and it's obvious how important this is to Via Lingua. I learned that it's never too late to learn something new, to grow, and make a difference. I learned that I can truly make a profession out of this and I'm confident I'll do it well! Everyone at Via Lingua has been so helpful, and  I made great friends and connections that will be lasting. Anyone thinking about TEFL should give it a try because everyone at Via Lingua is here to help you succeed."   (2019)

"I love the teachers--each are unique and great examples of how to implement strength and style! The trainers are incredible. They really challenged us in a constructive way. I never felt discouraged from the feedback, but empowered." (2018)

"You can be an active participant in your development as an English teacher. There are skills you develop that are so rewarding not only for teaching but for your personal life, too. Meeting people with your same goals and visions and passions is extremely inspiring." (2018)

"I enjoyed being introduced to a whole new world and finding a passion and a clear path that will help me succeed in the future. This course has opened up so many doors." (2018)

“The trainers were amazing—I’m so happy I found Via Lingua!”  (2017)  The trainers were amazing I’m so happy I found Via Lingua!


“I learned that I can teach and it’s never too late to work on your goals. Even though I am ten years older than when I last went to school I can still learn and improve in anything.”  (2017)


“I wasn’t expecting everything that this course entailed. I couldn’t have asked for more!”  (2017)


“All the trainers worked so well together. Everything was provided with no hesitation.”  (2017)


“I came with the idea to be refreshed and have a renewed perspective of teaching, and Via Lingua helped me regain confidence in my ability.” (2017)


“ I learned that constructive criticism can improve my perspective; taking advice from others can help prepare me for success. Now I feel equipped and prepared to teach and be a professional in this field.”  (2017)


TEFL Trainee Comments“I loved having my day so jam packed with information and I felt like I learned something every day. I love that this school works as a team.” (2017)

"Everyone was great. Some of the staff have impacted me more than they will ever know and I am so grateful to them. I feel like I have a skill that will help others and allow me to see the world. Thank you so much!"  (2016)

I used to be frightened of the idea of teaching. This course gave me the know-how and self-confidence to reach the world of ESL. The course was very well-organized and the staff members were the dictionary definition of professional. Via Lingua is very classy. How could anyone teach ESL effectively without taking such as course? (2016)

“The course was well organized and executed. All the instructors were both informative and fun. I was very impressed with all your teachers - not only with their knowledge and expertise but also with their commitment. The trainers were very encouraging and supportive. Friendly environment, and willing to help with all sorts of info and aspects of life." (2016)


" At my Via Lingua TEFL program, I enjoyed the teaching practice the most. Although I was nervous at first, it gave me a chance to put the theoretical concepts we learned in class into practice with real students immediately. The trainers took great care to help us reflect on our lessons every day and also provided constructive feedback.

            During the course, more than anything I learned how to get my students to speak! So many language courses are taught through lecture, which doesn’t allow for students to advance quickly. This program uses the communicative method and trains us on how we can teach any skill (listening, reading, grammar, etc.) while constantly giving students an opportunity to exercise fluency.

            This course has a large number of cultural components and it really opened my eyes and mind to how important it is to be aware of cultural differences amongst students. Teaching English in another country is about more than just the language itself; by getting to know your students’ backgrounds and sharing yours, you can only enrich the experience in your classroom.

            The language school I went to is located right in the city center near all of the important sights, so it is definitely conveniently located. My course was diverse because we had trainees from all different parts of the world and the trainers welcomed our different backgrounds and experiences. They were always enthusiastic, passionate, and were highly experienced in the communicative method, which made them great models.

            The course is multi-dimensional. In just the span of four weeks, you get hands-on teaching experience, grammar studies, and exposure to many other EFL topics, such as Business English, teaching beginners, teaching children, and background on test preparation. The class sessions also incorporate the communicative method, so the sessions never felt like lectures and were always highly interactive. This course pushed me, but I was ultimately able to obtain the TEFL certificate and an invaluable experience of personal and professional growth and development.  (2015)


           " What they say about Via LinguaWorking with colleagues to learn a new approach to teach languages was the most enjoyable part of my TEFL experience.  One of my objectives in taking the course was to get outside my comfort zone.  Through the process I have made several lifelong friends and expanded my cultural experience.

            Even though I taught high school literature for 26 years, the TEFL course taught me several things and improved my teaching skills.  Putting the focus on the students to speak through elicitation and comprehension questions gave them rich language through a natural process that went so far beyond rote learning.  Being sensitive to cultural differences enhanced my empathy.  Watching students grasp new language and feel empowered at the same time strengthened my belief in the communicative method.

            One of the most important things I learned about myself during this course is that I still have a lot to learn and that I am open to learning new things. Since teaching has been a career I have loved, I hoped I would not have cemented teaching methods I have used for years.  I was happy to find that my love of teaching means I also want to learn.

            The course is intense, somewhat exhausting, and thorough.  I was challenged to take the opportunity to learn something new and develop it.  The teachers were always available, supportive, positive, and constructive.  The teaching practice gave us multiple opportunities to improve our methods, and the conference times were honest, practical guides to working through our weaknesses while maintaining our strengths.

            For people who want to expand their experiences and demand something more of themselves in a cultural sense, this intensive program is challenging and invigorating.  I have recommended this course because the communicative style offers a refreshing, real-life method for exposing students to new language without limiting their learning to the textbook/workbook experiences.  This is the way I wish I had learned a language." (2015)



Becoming TEFL-certified opens up opportunities        "I most enjoyed the practice teaching, because I’ve always been fascinated by communication between people who don’t share the same mother tongue. I enjoyed learning about different theories and methods of foreign language acquisition. I learned that I was capable of overcoming shyness and getting up in front of a class to teach.

        The location of the school can’t be beat – in the heart of historic Florence, within easy walking distance of anything you could need. The practice teaching was very useful, because there is no substitute for real-life experience when it comes to learning a new skill. Becoming TEFL-certified opens up opportunities all around the world, so if you’re interested in living and working abroad, this is a great way to go." (2015)



The teachers of the TEFL course were very knowledgeable


"Taking the Via Lingua course at the Istituto Americano was an inspiring and enriching experience.  The teachers of the TEFL course were very knowledgeable, passionate about their work, and challenged us daily to become better teachers ourselves as well as expanded our understanding of the English language. Beyond the superior instruction, the course provided a daily opportunity for hands on experience with teaching real students. Although intimidating at first, through the encouragement and feedback of the teachers and fellow classmates, I gained a confidence in teaching that comes from no other way than authentic practice. The course also provided us with valuable information and connections for jobs as TEFL instructors.  After completing my TEFL certificate, I had the wonderful opportunity to work in the same school for their ALC program. As a TEFL teacher at the school, I had access to some of the best resources, not only a library of books and lesson plans but also the other creative and experienced teachers.  I taught a variety of lessons from individuals to groups, from children to adults, and to students from all over the world. These students gave my insight into their cultures in a way I have never experienced before." (2014)



Via Lingua Florence TEFL course

"I took the Via Lingua Florence TEFL course a year ago and wanted to let you know I found a full time teaching job using my certification. After the class was over last November, I stayed in Florence until January, soaking up as much art and beauty as I could. I was sad to return home and felt very restless to get back to Europe after my wonderful experience in Italy. I found a short term job teaching 3rd grade at a private elementary school, but continued to search online for full time positions all over Europe. In May I accepted a job teaching English at the American School Macedonia for this school year. The principal was looking for someone with a teaching credential, teaching experience, and a TEFL certification. Luckily, I was a good fit. The visa process was long and full of delays, but I arrived in Skopje on September 10, two weeks after school started. I teach 2nd through 8th graders; my students are from all over the Balkans and beyond. Their parents work for various embassies and move around every few years. Most are intermediate/advanced students but there are a few who are just starting. They already speak multiple languages and I'm amazed how quickly they learn. I am the only American here, ironically, but the Macedonian teachers speak perfect English and are highly educated. My principal, from London, and the school secretary, who is Macedonian, have been tremendously supportive, helping me navigate the whole visa process and get settled. Everyone has been very warm and welcoming. I took this job for the chance to fulfill my long time dream to teach overseas and for the incredible travel opportunities. I have never been to this part of Europe before and look forward to exploring the Balkans. I definitely plan to come back to Italy; it's now a part of my soul. My dream is to eventually end up there for the long term. I hope everyone at Via Lingua Florence is well. Please send my thanks to my amazing core instructors! They helped me keep my teacher talk time to a minimum, focus on the essence of each skill, and actively engage my students in conversation to draw them into my lessons. The content and strategies I learned make me a better teacher. Even though I had already been teaching over 20 years, I am proud that I can still learn new tricks! The TEFL course and living in Florence for three months was truly one of the highlights of my life. I still keep in touch with several of my classmates and cherish my experience." (2014)                                                      


"I wasn't expecting such a personal, individualized setting and program or so much input from the trainers! I wasn't expecting to learn so much!"

"I was surprised to see so much hands-on experience and practice we got---it's so valuable! The feedback after each lesson really helped."

"I worked hard but feel a huge return on my investment of time, money and effort!"

"I loved the "unknown language" component because it helped me to understand how a student feels in the communicative method classroom"

"The course was extremely interesting and helpful; it was demanding, but in a very positive and stimulating way."

"I am ready to start as a teacher! Today!"

"I have the tools to teach - and the confidence, too!"

"Taking the Via Lingua course has given me so many chances to experiment with language! Now I am confident when I face new students."

"I learned how fun it is to teach!"


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