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TEFL certification course in Panama City, Panama. Teach English with the best TEFL program in Panama!

TEFL Course Panama City

Panama is one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in Latin America, gaining recognition as a premier destination for eco-tourism and for its cosmopolitan lifestyle. Panama is located between the Pacific Ocean and tropical rain forest. The Parque Natural Metropolitano (Metropolitan Nature Park), stretching from Panama along the Panama Canal, has unique bird species and other animals such as tapir, puma, alligators, etc.

TEFL Course Panama Panama

Tropical forests around Panama are vital for the functioning of the Panama Canal. These forests provide the canal with the water required for its operation (a rare example of a vast engineering project in the middle of the forest which actually helped preserve that forest). Due to the importance of the Canal to the Panamanian economy, tropical forests around the canal have been kept in an almost pristine state.

The greatest asset of Panama is its diversity of activities, which make it absolutely worth a visit. Panama city, the capital, is lively, modern, cosmopolitan, and fast moving. Hip and smart bars and restaurants, great shopping, beautiful Casco Viejo, Old Panama ruins, the Panama Canal, and the metropolitan park all make Panama city a destination unlike any other in Central America. If you want to go snorkeling, scuba diving and enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle the Bocas del toro archipelago offer the finest possibilities in the country.
The Panama City TEFL training center offers modern, comfortable facilities in a convenient downtown location. Certified TEFL teachers seeking employment in Panama will find many opportunities in private language schools located throughout the city. Most English schools are conveniently located near public transportation, cafes, restaurants, and shopping areas. Many TEFL classes may be taught outside of the schools themselves in the offices of corporate or business clients, which make for highly motivated students and an efficient learning environment. Most of the students you will be teaching are adults who work in the tourism industry who need English for their jobs, as well as for personal development!

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