TEFL Extension Courses

Teaching English to Young Learners (EYL)
Teaching Business English (BE)
Test Preparation (TP)

Welcome and invitation:

Congratulations! You made it!  You graduated successfully from the Via Lingua CTEFL program (or equivalent) and/or you have been working as a TEFL teacher for a while.  
So, what next?  Perhaps, you are now looking to deepen your understanding and awareness of a specialist area.  Well, the Via Lingua Extension Program may just be the avenue for you.  Our suite of certificated courses includes:

  • Teaching English to Young Learners (EYL)
  • Teaching Business English (BE)
  • Test Preparation (TP)

What we offer:

  • Three, thirty-hour on-line programs.
  • An introductory and practical exploration of key issues in relation to the chosen specialist area.
  • Structured guidance and support.
  • On-line mentoring and supervision from experienced and qualified EFL specialists.

What you get:

  • Guided reading tasks and activities, which will result in the creation of a personalized toolbox of ideas, guidelines and resources to support your work in the classroom.
  • A Via Lingua Extension Program certificate.

How we work with you:

Each study unit requires you to:

  • Engage in a guided pre-reading activity (Task One).
  • Engage in a core reading activity (Task Two).
  • Undertake additional personal research (Task Three).
  • Undertake a guided activity that supports the creation of a toolbox of ideas, guidelines and resources (Task Four).

How we assess you:

At the end of each extension program, you will be required to submit an electronic version of your seven toolbox entries (the seven guided activities linked to the seven study units) for review by Via Lingua’s experienced team of professionals.

What we cover:

Each program comprises seven study units.

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Teaching English Young Learners 199US$

1. Teaching approaches with young learners.

2. Using craft activities as a starting point for language development.

3. Using children’s literature as a starting point for language development.

4. Using games as a starting point for language development.

5. Teaching vocabulary in EYL classrooms.

6. Teaching and testing in EYL classrooms.

7. Choosing classroom resources.

Teaching Business English 199US$

1. What is Business English?

2. Teaching approaches with Business English students.

3. Using Case Studies in Business English Skills development.

4. Syllabus design and selection.

5. Conducting a needs analysis.

6. Using authentic materials.

7. Using published materials.

Test Preparation 199US$

1. General strategies for supporting students.

2. iTEP - International English Proficiency Test.

3. IELTS - International English Language Testing Systems.

4. TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language.

5. TOEIC - Test of English for International Communication.

6. CAE - Cambridge Assessment English.

7. PTE - Pearson Test of English.

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