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Wanderlust: Do you have it?

Growing up in a suburb of Los Angeles, I was influenced by people from all walks of life. Some of my best memories are of the weekends that my parents took my sister and me to diverse neighborhoods around the city. These outings developed my thirst for…

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Which Type of TEFL Certification?

Should I get my TEFL certification in-classroom or online?   I contemplated this question over and over. I thought; if both types of courses follow the same curriculum and instruction and, ultimately, I earn the same certificate at the end… why not…

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My First Day of Teaching

Week 1. Day 5. AKA… My First Day Teaching at Via Lingua All I could feel was my adrenaline pumping, hands sweating, and stomach turning as I approached the classroom door.  I stepped across the threshold and, without even realizing it, the corners of…

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Waking up in Florence

Can you imagine waking up to a saxophone or the smell of freshly baked pastries as your alarm clock? As someone who grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles where cars are our only means of getting to the grocery store, I never would have thought I would…

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