Carly's Blog: Looking Back and Ahead

Carly's Blog: Looking Back and Ahead

Carly's Blog: Looking Back and Ahead

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Over the course of this past year, I’ve been teaching individual and group lessons to children, teens, and adults at the beginner, elementary, intermediate, superior and advanced levels. In Via Lingua’s TEFL course, you are taught how to teach students of different levels and courses such as test preparation, business studies and conversation.  After I completed course, I felt confident in my teaching abilities and was excited to get out there and teach!

 I remember the day I was given my first student, I was told she was 17 years old and that we would be studying for the SAT together. I was both excited and nervous, but more excited. I began telling her about myself, my background and interests. By exercising self-disclosure and showing vulnerability, she immediately felt comfortable with me and it was clear that she appreciated my openness and honesty.  Next, I was given two adult women who were sisters and I was told we would be focusing on general English. Like my 17-year-old student, I focused on building a strong rapport with them before we even touched a book. I spent an hour asking them about their life experiences while simultaneously evaluating their level. By taking the time to connect and learn about your students, you will see an increase in their motivation, learning, and performance.

Building relationships with my students has been the highlight of my teaching experience. I have the opportunity to work with people of all ages, backgrounds, and occupations. Teaching English has revealed to me that I am inspired by human connection and that I am curious about people’s stories. Learning a new language can be intimidating and as teachers, it’s our job to create a safe space where all questions are welcomed and supported. In addition, I’ve learned that with each student you have, you must take the time to understand them, their mentality, their strengths, and their weaknesses. By observing and evaluating your student’s behavior, you learn how to find the best solutions and teaching styles that best fit their needs.

Teaching English has opened my mind, perspective, and outlook on life. Lead by example, be curious, and show continuous support in their English learning journey!

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Carly completed her TEFL certification in October 2016 and is expertly sharing her teaching skills with the local community in Florence as part of a well-established school. From young learners to university students to doctors and lawyers she is changing lives and language on a daily basis. 


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