How to Make Money and Enjoy Life!

How to Make Money and Enjoy Life!

How to Make Money and Enjoy Life!

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Make Money AND Enjoy your Life as a Certified TEFL Teacher


Ah, the dream… making money while seeing the world! Can this be real? Absolutely it can. You just need to find the right type of work that fits your individual preferences. Some people like to pick a specific place on the map and settle down there for a while. In this case, finding a school position might be your best option. Others prefer to teach as they travel to different places. BOTH are realistic if you know your options for making money.


Are you someone who would prefer to live on one place for a while (and maybe travel on the weekends and during breaks)? If this is you, start looking into some of your ideal locations. It helps to start doing research about the English-teaching job market ahead of time. Look into the average pay, cost of living, culture, and other aspects, such as how to get around and what the city has to offer. Keep in mind that teaching positions are sometimes seasonal, so know what those seasons are. This way, you’ll know when work is most available and put a plan together for how to supplement your income with private lessons and save during the “down” seasons IF there are any. At Via Lingua, our job guidance sessions will offer you more in-depth information tailored to your job search while you are getting certified and even after the course is over.

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For those of you who want to teach and travel as much as possible, your best option is online teaching and occasional face-to-face private lessons. Online teaching is becoming incredibly popular due to the ever-increasing demand for English speakers across the globe and its convenience and efficiency. The reputable companies will ask you for your TEFL Certificate, CV, and some will also require a BA/BS degree. Some companies have a fixed rate and connect you with students, while others allow you to promote yourself and post your own hourly rate.


You also might be surprised at the “unconventional” side jobs you could be offered once you start making connections, such as interpreting, translating, babysitting, and beyond. In fact, if you like the unconventional jobs, look into working on a cruise ship! They have many possibilities for certified English teachers and they tend to make it worth your while from a financial perspective.


Ultimately, the best way to get work and have enough money to enjoy your time abroad is to promote yourself and start building a network. If you are planning to freelance primarily, consider setting up a free website for yourself. Here you can list your qualifications, teaching specializations (e.g., General English, Business English, Test Preparation,), and even include testimonials from previous students. It is always handy to have business cards that you can distribute to schools and prospective clients.


We look forward to helping you get your certification with us at Via Lingua so you can live the life many people only daydream about!


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