Carly's Blog: My Ideal TEFL Course

Carly's Blog: My Ideal TEFL Course


Are you ready for an adventure? Are you ready to experience a new city? Are you ready to teach people of different backgrounds and cultures?  Now more than ever, there is a high demand for English teachers all over the world. This is great news for you!


I imagine you have already typed “TEFL Certification course or teach English abroad” into a search engine and have already been swamped by thousands of programs. As you may already know, there are many factors to consider before choosing just any TEFL course.  Before I tell you why I chose Via Lingua, I do empathize with you in that finding a reliable and structured program is difficult.  I hope the following points remind you that this is your experience and becoming a teacher is just a step away.


The first question I asked myself before signing up for my TEFL course was:


 “What do I envision in my ideal course?”


  1. A good course provides up-to-date methods and practices. This is highly important because you want to be familiar with different types of teaching methods as each school has their own approach/style to teaching.
  2. A good course is RECOGNIZED…not just accreditation, but offers avenues for personal and professional development. If you decide that teaching English isn’t something you would like to pursue, you still have boundless career options because the skills you acquire are transferrable and applicable.
  3. A good course is CONNECTED… it allows you meet like-minded and diverse people taking the course and puts you in a global network of educators and cultural ambassadors. After the course, you will feel linked to the people and environment we live in and motivated to improve it.
  4. A good course INSPIRES… whether you keep teaching or not, you’ll find something to pursue. You will also see yourself inspiring others and planting seeds that may grow in different ways in different people. You will be inspired by the power of language and eager to share the power of it.


These points were highly important to me and I can honestly say that after the daunting hours of TEFL program research, Via Lingua provided me with the aforementioned points above and more. Via Lingua’s program is organized and structured in a comprehensive and clear manner. The interactive learning aspect of the course is one that I know sets Via Lingua a part from others.  During the course, you are required to take an active part in your education. By the end of the course, I realized that I had truly learned how to participate actively and create my own understanding of new information and add to it in my own creative ways.


I’m so relieved that I took my TEFL course with Via Lingua because I not only felt prepared to teach English to people of all walks of life, but I came out of the course more confident and with a deeper understanding of my abilities and how I can apply them in the world.

Education for global citizenship


Carly completed her TEFL certification in October 2016 and is expertly sharing her teaching skills with the local community in Florence as part of a well-established school. From young learners to university students to doctors and lawyers she is changing lives and language on a daily basis. 

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