Testimonials - April 2018

Testimonials - April 2018

Testimonials - April 2018


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Via Lingua Florence (April, 2018)

"Apart from the interesting content, I really enjoyed the projects, which stimulated my creativity. Lesson-planning was great, especially when we learned to create lessons from scratch. I know what I need to look for when I need to get materials and textbooks. Theory went so well with practice because I know the things I need to work on: comprehensioin checks, elicitation, lots of techniques! The course also taught me abou life--at the end of the day we are all responsible for how we live and I trust my skills now, know who I am, and that I can create my life....everywhere!"


"The classes and teachers are excellent, all creating a productive, engaging learning environment. I love being in front of a class and feeling the instant gratification of a student using the target language correction. Before this course I was so nervous about teaching, and now it is what I really want to do. This course is the best I could have imagined! I can't believe people become TEFL certified without practice teaching. For me, this course taught me to recognize my strengths and weaknesses, and work on them. Everything was A+!"


"I enjoyed the cultural trips, the teaching approach and all the hands-on activities. I learned better communicationskills and that I do have what it takes to carry out a lesson on my own. The course is so well structured and organized that you see everything has a purpose, and even the sequence is created for a reason. The trainers are amazing! They are all  different, dynamic, individuals who are so good at what they do: teaching others. They really carry the spirit of what it means to be a good teacher. They inspire me."


"The school location is perfect, with so many things to see and do in the area. I would recommend this course because it is legit. I saw many TEFL course that would prepare students in 3 days and after taking this course I know it's impossible to absorb all this knowledge in such a short time. The money I paid is absolutely worth it."













Carly completed her TEFL certification in October 2016 and is expertly sharing her teaching skills with the local community in Florence as part of a well-established school. From young learners to university students to doctors and lawyers she is changing lives and language on a daily basis. 



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