Via Lingua Sponsors ELTSociety Conference 2023

Via Lingua Sponsors ELTSociety Conference 2023

Via Lingua Sponsors ELTSociety Conference 2023


Via Lingua’s sponsorship of the ELTS society


Via Lingua is proud to be a member of ELTS and encourages all our trainers and graduates to join.   This is because we strongly believe that ELTS is committed to promoting similar educational values and objectives to our own.  The VL organization:


  • recognizes that people who study with us are involved in a life-long journey of personal and professional development and that they bring a variety of skills, talents, and experiences.  We seek to support course participants as they enhance their repertoire of transferrable skills and embark on the next phase of their journey. 


  • aims to promote learning opportunities that enable our graduates to travel the world and teach in a variety of national and international settings. 


  • seeks to provide the highest quality of tuition and support and in order to achieve this objective both our syllabus and mentors are constantly responding to new developments and research.  Our intention is to ensure that trainees experience the cutting edge of TEFL thinking and practice. 


In all three areas identified above, ELTS provides a range of services, information, seminars and blogs that support VL objectives. A significant feature of the VL program is the provision of  professional guidance and support for our trainee teachers post graduation and we  regard membership of ELTS as an important means of achieving this objective.  The benefits for the on-going professional development of VL graduates that is provided through membership of such an organization are enormous.


In particular, we would highlight the following contributions provided to our program through collaboration / association with ELTS:


  • The VL CTEFL program promotes the highest possible standards in relation to assessment and testing of TEFL student progress.  There is a significant focus on equipping our graduates with the skills necessary to engage in all forms of assessment (formative, summative, diagnostic) so that they can design appropriate courses, modules, training materials and experiences when working with TEFL students.  Consequently, the ELTS commitment to developing and encouraging high standards of professional conduct among ESL testing professionals is of great significance for us.


·         VL prides itself in its commitment to research and development in the field of TEFL.  We aspire to be at the cutting edge of our discipline.  Association with ELTS supports our desire to acquire, preserve and disseminate data and information in the field of second language acquisition and testing.


·         Membership of ELTS assists and encourages our trainers and graduates to realise the highest levels of effectiveness, efficiency, and achievement for their students.


  • VL encourages its graduates to engage in collaborative projects which promote the highest possible professional standards and ELTS membership has a significant role to play in this.
  • Membership of ELTS provides our graduates with opportunities to exchange expertise, experiences and opinions.
  • VL seeks to advance the cause of high quality teaching in the field of TEFL by encouraging cooperation with counterpart organizations in the field and ELTS provides the vehicle for doing this.



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