Which Type of TEFL Certification?

Which Type of TEFL Certification?

Which Type of TEFL Certification?

Should I get my TEFL certification in-classroom or online?


I contemplated this question over and over. I thought; if both types of courses follow the same curriculum and instruction and, ultimately, I earn the same certificate at the end… why not just take the online course?  


While there are advantages and disadvantages to both types of courses and one might suit you better than the other, here me out: the Via Lingua in-classroom course changed my mindset.


After weeks of researching programs, I came out of the internet rabbit hole with a peaked interest in the Via Lingua course. I was impressed to find that, along with the pedagogy, language awareness, and teaching skills, Via Lingua also emphasized cultural awareness and life skills in their course content. While my first priority was to learn how to be an effective teacher, I was excited that the program was invested in my self-development both professionally and personally.   


These are just a few of the following reasons why I chose to complete my in-classroom TEFL certification with Via Lingua:

  • The VL TEFL Program is housed within the American Language Center (a private language school in Piazza della Repubblica). This means you have the opportunity to interact with the ALC students and even the chance to give a presentation on a topic of your choice!
  • You gain a profound understanding of what the classroom/system dynamics are within a school.
  • Through first-hand interaction, you experience the cultural diversity of your peers and gain access to interactive teaching opportunities. (Which has the added benefit of improving your teaching abilities and accelerating your sense of self-confidence as a teacher!)
  • Depending where in the world you take your course, VL includes a class session in the local language to help you adjust and get ready for expat life!
  • Endless opportunities to connect, interact, and collaborate with people from all around the world!


After making many lists of pros and cons, I realized that Via Lingua was going to provide me with the education, support and structure I needed, as well as deepen my cultural and social perspective, enabling my success as a teacher.  It has been almost one year since I took Via Lingua’s in-classroom TEFL course and I can sincerely say, it changed my life.  In the last year, I manifestedmy confidence as a teacher, my curiosity, my sense of adventure, and my passion for helping people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures.


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