Why TEFL in Istanbul?

Why TEFL in Istanbul?

Why TEFL in Istanbul?

The Via Lingua Teacher Training Program in Istanbul

Why Should I Study in Istanbul?


If you want to get your TEFL certification and teach English in a foreign country, you should try our Teacher Training Program in Turkey, 

Istanbul is a wonderful city and even the 9th largest city on this earth! The city covers 7.500 km2 of land and has about 12 to 15 million inhabitants. Istanbul has a long and interesting history as well, which means there are a lot of highlights in the city you should visit. During your stay in Istanbul, there is always plenty of things you can do. Istanbul is actually quite unique in terms of its culture, religion and architecture. Not only will you find influences of the West here, but Eastern influences can be found throughout the city as well, since Istanbul is located between the East and the West.

Your stay in Istanbul will not only be educational, but it will be really fun as well. You can enjoy a moderate climate here, which makes your stay comfortable and there’s an active nightlife for the people who like to party! You will also find that the population is very diverse, which gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of new people. Lastly, you will definitely love the amazing Turkish cuisine in Istanbul!

At Via Lingua, we offer many different destinations for our students to get their TEFL certification. So, why should you choose Istanbul from a teaching perspective? Although the city already has a large population, its population is actually still increasing by 5% per year! This means that you will never run out of teaching opportunities in this diverse city. Istanbul has a lot of language schools in which students can study languages on a primary school level as well as on a business level! Because they have so many schools and offer so many courses, there is always a high demand for teachers in Istanbul, which makes it the perfect place for our students to get their  TEFL certification!

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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