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TEFL certification course in Istanbul, Turkey. Teach English with the best TEFL program in Turkey! Istanbul is a crossroads of East and West a world metropolis.

TEFL Course Istanbul

Istanbul, a world metropolis, has developed into the 9th largest city on Earth largely due to its geopolitical location. It is spread over 7,500 km2 of land and is home to an estimated 12-15 million inhabitants. The only city worldwide to have developed on two continents, Istanbul consists of, on the European side, the Historical Peninsula to the south of the Golden Horn with the Galata District to the north and, on the Asian side, is the New City. The European side of the city is the trade and business center, whereas the residential side is located on the Asian side.

TEFL Course Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul has a long and interesting history: Byzantium was the city's original name; it was changed to Constantinople during the height of the Holy Roman Empire. Today, the city is still a political and commercial center for the Balkan and Middle Eastern countries, as well as the Turkish Republics of Central Asia. As the city is the crossroads of East and West, the cultural, religious, and arcitechtural synthesis is unlike any other city. Often compared with Rome, both having been the capitals of Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, for its many similarities including the numerous and imposing religious and civil structures, Istanbul is a mecca for tourism and an interesting place to visit for anyone.

The natural beauty of the Golden Horn is reason enough to visit this part of the world. The moderate climate, active night life, diverse population, and excellent Turkish cuisine are other factors which make Istanbul attractive for foreigners.

As Istanbul is an ever-growing city with its population increasing around 5 % per annum, the teaching opportunities here are plentiful. There are numerous language schools catering to every level from primary schools to businesses; any graduate should be able to find a niche in Istanbul. Due to the high demand for teachers here, it seems a likely choice to attend a CTEFL course.

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