TEFL job placement for TEFL teaching jobs. Following our TEFL courses we help you with TEFL job placement as TEFL teachers. With our lifetime job guidance we help you find your ideal TEFL job.

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TEFL Course graduates and the Via Lingua network

The Via Lingua job guidance program assists all successful graduates of our TEFL course in finding a TEFL teaching position suitable for them. Via Lingua has a wide network of global contacts and is therefore able to provide up-to-date information and advice regarding working in numerous destinations all around the world.

TEFL job guidance program


Teaching jobs worldwide

In some locations, we are able to guarantee employment locally after completing the course. In all of our course locations, we can and do provide you with professional and ongoing assistance in finding that crucial first TEFL teaching job. We have schools and offices all around the world, all of which you'll be welcome to visit or to contact for help, irrespective of where you originally took your TEFL course.


The Via Lingua Job Guidance Program (pdf)


Teaching jobs worldwide


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