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TEFL jobs are abundant and a quality TEFL certification course puts you ahead of the competition. An integral part of our Via Lingua TEFL course is the time we devote to job guidance and TEFL jobs. These personalized group and individual meetings present the variety of TEFL jobs available and we match your interests to locations and opportunities that appeal to you.
TEFL jobs vary by location, salary, benefits and expectations. Many are to be found in private language schools, while others may be part of the country’s educational system. Remember, too, that TEFL jobs may be very close to home—many of our trainees find exciting jobs at ESL schools in their home country.
Remember to engage and make every effort to land the job you want. Be prepared to be flexible and willing to travel, and always be prepared with your most up-to-date TEFL job resume’ and cover letter.

As a Via Lingua graduate, you get access to information about teaching English around the world.
All our graduates receive job guidance throughout their careers.

To get a rewarding TEFL job abroad, you’ll need a TEFL qualification that’s respected around the world, like ours. TEFL certification should cover all relevant aspects of contemporary ESL and EFL teaching and our course, together with the Via Lingua Extension courses, is an outstanding foundation for success. TEFL jobs provide you with further opportunities to grow and develop your skills as practicing teachers and each working experience builds competence and confidence.

Many of our students who work around the world are able to carefully determine their teaching vocational future by experimenting in different learning communities. Look for venues that offer variety and a multi-cultural mindset. Utilize your job duties and seek out new areas of ESL and EFL teaching such as Young Learners, Business English, Test Prep and Technical Communication.
Always pay attention to your TEFL provider’s global connection and memberships in international associations like TESOL and NAFSA. Via Lingua is proud to extend Master’s level studies to graduates if they wish to pursue an advanced degree. These online specializations are available to fit your needs and provide an even more in-depth expertise in the exciting field of English as a second language.

After you decide to pursue the excitement of actually using your Via Lingua TEFL certificate and applying your skills, do homework on specific countries and customs. Explore the regulations and documentation required for any visa or employment contracts. Your research will serve you well and impress your future employers.

explore. It’s important to note that when it comes to teaching around the world, there are restrictions on working in certain countries due to visa stipulations. This isn’t to say you won’t be

Finishing a challenging and rewarding TEFL certification course is already an accomplishment in itself. If possible, take time to explore your local surroundings and get comfortable with the location and national culture. Then, as you start to explore destinations for jobs, you will see that Via Lingua is always here to help. We pride ourselves on TEFL job guidance for life. It means that wherever you go, whenever you wish, we are here to help you make the best  use of your Via Lingua certificate.

TEFL jobs offer basic salaries that allow you to fully enjoy the living and working experience in many countries. Clearly certain geographical areas are less expensive, however, some employers are willing to cover airfare, holidays and further training.  Currently, the highest salaries are found in the Middle East. As you determine your priorities and timeline, Via Lingua is always ready to help.

Start your TEFL job search by identifying places of interest. Consider the language, culture, cost of living and length of time you have to spend. Establish your priorities and weigh the pros and cons of diverse offers.
Asia has an almost unlimited number of openings, and Africa is now showing itself to be a new and exciting destination for TEFL job seeker.

Take time to research job boards and listings, and be prepared to constantly check openings and opportunities that arise. The TEFL job world is fluid and dynamic; it is always changing and you need to devote your serious, organized time to following it.
Via Lingua is ready to help every step of the way, but we ask that you, too, do your part.

English is key to your job search and, after all, that is what you will be hired to teach. Learning the local language is helpful and enjoyable, but it is not a requirement. As you settle into your new TEFL job you will interact with the local community, pick up the language, and immerse yourself in a new culture. This is what makes TEFL jobs so exciting: you share your language and your new host country welcomes you day after day after day. 

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