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 "Mostly, I learned more about myself, and I have a new sense of confidence and empowerment I didn't expect to gain. I also learned how much teaching, culture and community go hand-in-hand,  which is something I appreciate--and it's obvious how important…

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Via Lingua Hosts Graduate Students from SUU!

  Via Lingua Florence hosted a group of  graduate students from Southern Utah University for a weeklong educational exchange program in the city. Each day was  highlighted by school site visits at elementary, secondary and university locations in the…

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Via Lingua at TESOL in Atlanta

    Via Lingua International is attending the 2019 TESOL Conference in Atlanta, sponsored by the TESOL International Orgaznization of Educators. This year, from March 12-15, thousands of educators across borders, time zones, languages, and cultures…

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Marrakesh Testimonials

  Testimony #1 I have to say, I am amazed at what people can learn in such a short time - fundamentally because the program is so well-designed.  Having been in so many learning environments in my life, I can compare it to many - and I would not say…

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