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Via Lingua Welcomes the Peace Corps

The Via Lingua TEFL Course has as one of its fundamental aims the preparation of  globally engaged citizens, aware of the world and how to make a difference through teaching. Our vision is about embracing adventure and testing our comfort zone to reflect…

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Via Lingua announces 2 new locations!

Via Lingua International is proud to announce our two newest TEFL course locations -- in Cambodia and Vietnam,  in partnership with AVSE, Australia-Vietnam School of English. The TEFL Certification program is accredited by the Australian Government and…

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Via Lingua Alumni News

  Hi! My name is Chiara Torelli, and I took the TEFL course at Via Lingua in 2016. I still remember those four weeks as four of the most intense, most rewarding weeks of my life. We learnt teaching theories and methods, learnt more grammar than we knew…

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Bellarmine University and Via Lingua!

Congratulations to the participants of our Summer 2018 Via Lingua TEFL Certificate Course at Bellarmine University!  Each enthusiastic student is now prepared to teach globally and destinations include South Korea, Brazil, the Marshall Islands, and right…

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