Eddy White joins Via Lingua Advisory Board

Eddy White joins Via Lingua Advisory Board


We are please to announce that Dr. Eddy White has joined the Via Lingua Advisory Board!


Eddy White, Assessment Coordinator, University of Arizona



Eddy White | Department of Public and Applied Humanities | University of  ArizonaAfter receiving his Applied Linguistics doctorate from Macquarie University (Australia), with a focus on classroom assessment, Eddy has been at the University of Arizona since 2011. This includes being Assessment Coordinator for the Center for English as a Second Language (CESL), as well as an Associate Professor in the Public and Applied Humanities Department. He has been involved in both achievement testing at the classroom level, as well developing and administering proficiency tests for the university in screening incoming students and visiting scholars. 




Eddy has been a teacher trainer since 2009, which has included publishing, presenting, and teaching courses about assessment, and promoting assessment literacy in the profession. His most recent publications include co-editing the following books:  Handbook of Research on Assessment Literacy and Teacher-made Testing in the Language Classroom (2019), and Classroom Assessment: Challenges, Choices and Consequences (2020).



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