ELTS - Excellence in Language Testing

ELTS - Excellence in Language Testing


Via Lingua Internatinoal is proud to recognize ELTS, The English Language Testing Society.

The English Language Testing Society (ELTS) was organized in the fall of 2019 as a non profit association for professionals interested in the field of English language testing for persons whose native language is not English. 

ELTS is the culmination of discussions and meetings held over the past two years by professionals in the field who have an interest in excellence in the industry and an interest in sharing ideas and advancement in the industry. The mission of the English Language Testing Society (ELTS) is to become a leading advocate for excellence in English language testing throughout the world,

1. Developing and encouraging high standards of professional conduct among ESL testing professionals.

2. Acquire, preserve and disseminate data and information in the field of second language acquisition and testing.

3. Assist and encourage professional participants to reach the highest levels of effectiveness, efficiency, and achievement for their customers and clients.

4. Encourage collaboration on endeavors which help promote the organization and its core members.

5. Provide opportunities for the exchange of expertise, experiences and opinions.

6. Advance, improve, and promote the profession of English language testing worldwide.

7. Cooperate with counterpart organizations in the field


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