iTEP Teacher Leadership Scholarship

iTEP Teacher Leadership Scholarship

 Via Lingua is honored to present this exciting opportunity for future teachers worldwide to win a tuition scholarship generously offered by iTEP, creators of online and on-demand language proficiency testing tools for admissions and placement!



The iTEP Teacher Leadership Scholarship


iTEP (The International Test of English Proficiency) is offering a TEFL Certificate tuition scholarship to be utilized between August and December 2021  for candidates who meet the following criteria:


  1. Have a BA or international equivalent;
  2. Have tutored or taught in any capacity or subject matter;
  3. Speak at least one foreign language;
  4. Have performed community service and demonstrated leadership skills.


Candidates are asked to submit a one-paragraph statement of eligibility and include a curriculum vitae and reference. Candidates must also complete an online enrollment form including the application deposit of €275 to be eligible. Submissions will be accepted until July 1, 2021, with winners notified immediately. The scholarship may be used from August 1st through the end of 2021.


Study Abroad



iTEP or the International Test of English Proficiency was founded in 2002 to create an English profiency test to address the needs of the international education community.

The first test, iTEP Academic was introduced in 2008 and quickly became popular with a wide variety of organizations. It is now accepted by the admissions offices of hundreds of US colleges and universities, as well as many Intensive English Programs throughout the country. 

Soon after the iTEP product range began to boom with the addition of iTEP SLATE and iTEP Business. The use of innovative technology, mixed with  academic prowess, has guaranteed iTEP International remains a world-renowned test of English proficiency.



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