Letter to the Via Lingua community

Letter to the Via Lingua community

Letter to the Via Lingua community


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Dear Friends,

Via Lingua worldwide is working tirelessly seven days a week to support the health and safety of our community in response to the Covid-19 virus.  We are fortunate to have such outstanding and dedicated people working on our behalf, and we are seeing our students and agents and alumni respond in remarkable ways.

As of today, all future courses at each of our locations through the end of the year are confirmed. Naturally, we are monitoring the situation very closely in key countries, and, as things continue to be unpredictable and fluid, we know we will need to prepare for and face new challenges, as well.

Our single most important priority is supporting the health and welfare of our community as we teach and learn together. The virus may disrupt travel plans to some of our locations, but we assure you our competent and caring staff are working hard to prepare both traditional and non-traditional learning formats and platforms to offer the highest level of training possible. If needed, our Via Lingua course content and instruction will be moved online, and classes will meet remotely at their regularly scheduled times. I want to express my appreciation to all those who have helped support our work at this time; we all need to be ready to change our behavior and make sacrifices in coming months.

Via Lingua is aligning its directives with international health offices and organizations, so stay on the lookout for travel advisories and health notices. Of course, we will provide regular updates over the coming weeks. Wherever you are, please do your best and work with everyone to mitigate the effects of the virus.

We appreciate all the work that has already been done to prepare our Via Lingua International network community for safe study. We are convinced that the Via Lingua community will come through this trying period stronger than ever, and we look forward to continuing our mission of providing unique travel and teaching opportunities to the world!

Tom Shandorf, Managing Director, Via Lingua Group 



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