Via Lingua Huatulco!

Via Lingua Huatulco!

Via Lingua Huatulco!

Via Lingua is proud to announce the opening of our newest location: Huatulco, Mexico! 

A tropical dreamscape, Huatulco is a small resort in Oaxaca bordering its own national park.


The resort-like town is characterized by the beauty of its nine Bays and 36 beaches along 30 kilometres of untouched coastline.


On land are waterfalls, canyons and coffee and tropical fruit plantations.


Four different sea turtles inhabit the ocean at Huatulco’s National Park, joined by a whole spectrum of other marine species like angelfish, butterfly fish, rays, dolphins, yellowfin tuna and whales that migrate here in winter.


Taking your TEFL Course in Huatulco will include  a whirlwind of snorkelling, diving, boat trips to deserted beaches and mountain adventures to villages and farms in primal jungle.

With many local employment opportunities due to tourism and the wildlife reserves, our newest location is unique!




 "Mostly, I learned more about myself, and I have a new sense of confidence and empowerment I didn't expect to gain. I also learned how much teaching, culture and community go hand-in-hand,  which is something I appreciate--and it's obvious how important this is to Via Lingua. I learned that it's never too late to learn something new, to grow, and make a difference. I learned that I can truly make a profession out of this and I'm confident I'll do it well! Everyone at Via Lingua has been so helpful, and  I made great friends and connections that will be lasting. Anyone thinking about TEFL should give it a try because everyone at Via Lingua is here to help you succeed." (Michela, February 2019)

Education for Life!


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