Via Lingua Partners with Greensboro College

Via Lingua Partners with Greensboro College

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Via Lingua is proud to announce its newest educational partnership with Greensboro College, in Greensboro, North Carolina. All Via Lingua graduates quality for up to six credits of advanced standing toward their coursework in the Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Whether you hope to teach English to non-native speakers in a community college, institute of higher education, nonprofit organization, K-12 context, or abroad — an M.A. from Greensboro College can help you achieve your dreams.

If you enjoy being in an educational setting and learning about different cultures, you should consider a Master of Arts degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at Greensboro College. With a Master’s in TESOL, you will be qualified to apply for full-time teaching positions in a variety of academic settings including community colleges, private language academies, K-12 schools*, university-based intensive English programs, and non-profit service organizations.

For those who crave adventure, there are exciting, attractive jobs teaching English around the world with good salaries, paid travel expenses, subsidized housing, paid vacation and health insurance. Greensboro College can help get you there.

Our M.A. in TESOL is the credential that English language employers seek and it will open doors far beyond that of a TESOL certificate program. Our core curriculum seeks a balance between working with adults and working with children, with the goal of preparing our graduates for a variety of teaching contexts. Specialized elective courses allow you to customize the program to meet your individual needs.

Founded in 2001, this 30-semester-hour program consists of:

  • 15 hours of language and culture,
  • 9 hours of pedagogy, and
  • 6 hours of research

Other special features:

  • Work at your own pace — including a fast-track option. Studies may be completed in four consecutive semesters (13 months) or at a more relaxed pace, if that is what you choose.
  • Courses in the fall and spring semesters are offered online, with a face-to-face residential component in the summer months.
  • Residential program includes a five-week summer session from late June to end of July with affordable room and board.
  • Students who are unable to attend the summer session in Greensboro have the option to complete the program entirely online.

Founded in 1838, Greensboro College provides undergraduate students a true liberal-arts education while also offering four master’s degrees. Greensboro College provides a coeducational and independent learning atmosphere with approximately 1,000 undergraduate students from 29 states and territories, the District of Columbia, and seven foreign countries. We have 45 full-time faculty who teach 32 majors and more than 1,000 different courses directly to our students. We pride ourselves on our one-on-one contact between faculty and students, with no graduate assistants or teaching assistants teaching courses at Greensboro. We consider ourselves a leader in academic advising and leadership development programs. Greensboro College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)

For information please contact:

Michelle Plaisance, Ph.D.
TESOL Director
Tel.: 336-272-7102, ext. 5285

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