Online TEFL Course

The online TEFL course certificate of Via Lingua in collaboration with Southern Utah University

Online TEFL Course Certificate

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Online TEFL course certificate of Via Lingua in collaboration with Southern Utah University is proud to offer our new

Study, Travel, Teach - A 100 plus-hour on-line TEFL Certificate


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Online TEFL Course Online TEFL Certificate

Flextime: Benefits of the Flexible Working Arrangement




If you want to study in a way that suits your busy lifestyle, and you want to travel the world, experience new cultures, and meet new people, and if you want to teach and make a difference in other people’s lives, then the Via Lingua Study, Travel, Teach program may well be the one for you.

Our 100-hour program has been developed in response to the growing demand for high quality on-line TESOL courses that both maintain academic rigor and, at the same time, address the need to provide flexible and cost-sensitive study opportunities.

We recognize the fact that people like you who study with us are involved in a life-long journey of personal and professional development and that you bring a variety of skills, talents, and experiences.  We seek to support you as you enhance your repertoire of transferrable skills and embark on the next phase of your journey.

In addition, our aim is to promote learning opportunities that enable you to travel the world and teach in a variety of national and international settings.

Furthermore, the opportunities our course provides enable you to take personal responsibility for your own personal and professional development, thus making your potential for future success even more likely.

Finally, we recognise the fact that you want the highest quality of tuition and support and in order to achieve this objective both our syllabus and mentors are constantly responding to new developments and research data.  Our intention is to ensure that you experience the cutting edge of TESOL thinking and practice.

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 Online TEFL Course Program overview

 Structure and content
  • Five study components: Linguistics and language acquisition theories; Classroom management; Language skills development; Teaching specialist groups; Applied language awareness)
  • Each study component consists of a number of study units (29 in total).  Each study unit consists of three activities (pre-reading, reading and post-reading, plus a recording activity).
  • One teaching practicum component.
  • The teaching practicum consists of six 1-hour lessons with authentic second language learners (three are compulsory and three are optional but recommended). Trainee teachers are responsible for making their own arrangements regarding the teaching practicum, although they have the option to attend a Via Lingua training centre for a one week residential in order to complete this component.
  • The trainee teacher’s responses to the study unit tasks are not graded but must be recorded in the personal and professional portfolio and be available for inspection.
  • Formal assessment is based on five written submissions (components 1-5) and three teaching practicum submissions.  All submissions will be graded as either “meets requirements” or “fails to meet requirements”.
In order to achieve certification, trainee teachers are required to:
  • provide 5 written assessment submissions to “meets requirements” level.
  • undertake and submit evidence of at least three hours of teaching with authentic language learners (including three 15-minute video submissions).
  • submit a completed professional portfolio with all required items present.
  • engage in ten 30-minute discussion / review conferences with the assigned mentor.
Support, mentoring and guidance
  • Each trainee teacher will be allocated an on-line mentor.  Ten 30-minute discussion / review conferences will be arranged, along with further opportunities for written correspondence.
  • Each trainee teacher will be provided with an electronic resource pack of guidance, support, study and assessment materials.
  • Course duration: twelve weeks.
  • New courses begin on the first Monday of each month.


    I'm thrilled to have been able to fulfill a long time desire. I'm equally grateful to you, who patiently persuaded me to challenge myself and to Tony, who has been amazing with his knowledgeable guidance, constant care and generous support ! The course has been stimulating and has allowed me to implement and refurbish my skills with relevant material. It has also invited me, after many years, to step back and analyze the way I teach today and to think of ways to keep it fresh. I couldn't have  asked for a better experience to cherish !

    Giovanna, Italy

    "Thank you to Via Lingua and SUU (Southern Utah University) for a well organized online TEFL course. My mentor was exceptionally supportive and challenged me along the way to grow and upskill myself.  Materials provided for the course were relevant and fresh.  I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience and highly recommend the course to others wanting to obtain a TEFL certification on-line. 

    Jennifer, South Africa

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