TEFL graduate credits. Quality TEFL course, Professional TEFL tutors. Via Lingua has accreditation partnerships with universities and accrediting bodies, this grants graduate credits to trainees who successfully complete TEFL Certification.

MA TESOL Pathways

Via Lingua partnerships for further study options. Graduate Credits for Via Lingua Trainees: academic partnerships for further study

MA TESOL Pathways

 MA TESOL Pathways with Via Lingua

The Via Lingua Group is currently in the process of reaching articulation and accreditation agreements with universities and national accreditation bodies in both North America and Europe.

Our commitment to Via Lingua CTEFL candidates is that their final certificate will not only recognize their development and achievement as language teachers, matched against standardized statements of attainment, but will also be recognized as a high level graduate qualification by tertiary education institutes and employers. The following institutions have agreed to grant graduate-level credits for successful completion of the Via Lingua TEFL Certificaton program.

The accredited Via Lingua CTEFL program provides a bridge for its graduates to the exciting world of advanced study and employment opportunities. Why not take the first step?

Tips for Choosing a TESOL Master's Program


Currently, the Via Lingua Group has such agreements with fifteen universities:

St. Michael's College, Hamline University,  the Hufstedler School of Education at Alliant International University, Ohio Dominican University, Oklahoma City University, Southern New Hampshire University, Augustana University, West Chester University, Azusa Pacific University, St. John's University, Westcliff University, Notre Dame de Namur University, Virginia International University, CC International University and Horizons University.

 Graduate Credits for MATESOL at Slippery Rock University





SRU | Slippery Rock University


Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania - Requirements + Data | CollegeVine

All Via Lingua graduates qualify for up to nine creditsof advanced standing toward their coursework in the Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Whether you hope to teach English to non-native speakers in a community college, institute of higher education, nonprofit organization, K-12 context, or abroad — an M.A. from Slippery Rock University can help you achieve your dreams.

If you enjoy being in an educational setting and learning about different cultures, you should consider a Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at Slippery Rock University. With a Master of Arts in TESOL Program, you will be qualified to apply for full-time teaching positions in a variety of academic settings including community colleges, private language academies, K-12 schools*, university-based intensive English programs, and non-profit service organizations.

For those who crave adventure, there are exciting, attractive jobs teaching English around the world with good salaries, paid travel expenses, subsidized housing, paid vacation and health insurance. Slippery Rock University can help get you there.

The globalization of English as the world's lingua franca and a national and regional increase in non-native English speaking populations create a need for highly-trained practitioners who can address the widely variant and specialized educational needs of adult English language learners at home and abroad. While the number of immigrants is increasing, evidence suggests that the barrier of language is becoming more and more common.

Slippery Rock University's MA TESOL prepares graduates for the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world, enabling the acquisition of world languages, and aiming to educate world citizens who acquire linguistic skills through intellectual acculturation.  Through challenging, quality, and interdisciplinary training, SRU graduates will be prepared to work in dynamic and pivotal roles by providing adult ELL instruction in higher education, community literacy, and multicultural global settings, as well as instructional media and materials development in the TESOL publishing industry, thus facilitating their lifelong skill development in the increasingly vital area of TESOL.

Slippery Rock University's Master of Arts Degree in TESOL is 30 to 33 credits, depending on which track you select, and offers:

  • Flexibility to fit your busy schedule - online, blended, and once-weekly evening courses 
  • Two tracks; experiential and general that can be completed over 16-24 months
  • Interdisciplinary instruction from five academic departments
  • Curriculum includes a 13-credit graduate certificate
  • TESOL practicum may be completed locally or abroad
  • Expert faculty with earned doctorates


 Graduate Credits for MATESOL at St. Michael's College

St. Michael's College

St. Michael's College


For more than 50 years, Saint Michael's MATESOL program has been recognized locally and internationally as a premier learning environment for prospective teachers. Situated on a beautiful campus in Vermont, our programs prepare students to teach English to speakers of other languages, both in the US and overseas. When you join the Saint Michael's family, you'll experience a close-knit community of supportive faculty and classmates from all around the world. Our variety of programs offers you the flexibility to find a path best suited for your needs at an affordable price.

TESOL certificate holders from Via Lingua are eligible for six credits of advance standing according to our articulation agreement. The six credits will be applied to waive coursework within the 36-credit MATESOL Program. Students choosing the OnCampus + OnLine option may complete the program in as little as 14 months, with two summers on campus and the remaining courses online.

Course work in the TESOL Programs blends theory and practice to best prepare students for careers in teaching worldwide. Theories about teaching English as a second or foreign language are presented in the classroom before students apply what they have learned by working directly with ESOL students at Saint Michael's, immigrants and refugees in the Burlington area, or children in the Vermont school system. Graduate students may also take courses and complete their practice teaching requirement at pre-approved sites in Colombia, Japan, and Morocco.

 Graduate Credits for MATESOL at Hamline University

Hamline University

Hamline University

Via Lingua International is proud to partner with Hamline University for those trainees wishing to further their studies in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at the graduate level. Nationally recognized by NCATE and TESOL, Hamline's second language teaching and learning program aims to prepare outstanding teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL), English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and bilingual education; develop the capacity of these teachers to meet the requirements of educating people who are learning English as an additional language; and provide continuing professional development to mainstream teachers on topics related to educating non-native speakers of English.

With a Master of Arts in English as a Second Language, you will be able to inspire, challenge, and make a difference in the lives of thousands of immigrants, refugees, and international students and their families. Become a part of the exciting, Career Opportunities: A Master of Arts in English as a Second Language provides you with the skills needed to teach both in the U.S. and overseas. MAESL graduates are ESL teachers and leaders who understand systems of language, the language-culture relationship, how these affect learning, and integrating technology into instruction.

Flexibility: The ability to take courses online or in the classroom is perfect for busy working adults.


Graduate Credits for MATESOL at Alliant International University

Alliant International University

Alliant International University 

Alliant's TESOL graduate program in California puts theory and practice into play for maximum impact in the learning environment. Our TESOL degree program blends the perfect balance of TESOL methodology, linguistics and education curriculum for both experienced and prospective ESL and EFL educators.

Study in San Diego Or Online
To best serve professionals of all types and locations, Alliant offers a fully on-site TESOL master's program in San Diego, California, as well as an online TESOL graduate program.

TESOL Careers That Span A World Of Opportunity
Alliant TESOL graduates enjoy successful careers educating the next generation of English language learners at all levels, and in locations near and far. Whether teaching students or training teachers, you'll have access to opportunities such as Teach ESL/EFL in colleges and universities; Teach English for Specific Purposes (ESP) in academic, business, healthcare and science and technology organizations; Train EFL teachers in your country and abroad; Teach ESL/EFL in private schools; Enhance elementary and secondary teaching with EFL skills; Serve as an administrator or policymaker in government agencies and other institutions; Develop and write EFL textbooks, learning materials and other publications.


Graduate Credits for MATESOL at Ohio Dominican University

Ohio Dominican University

Ohio Dominican University

Ohio Dominican's TESOL program prepares you to meet the needs of all your students, regardless of their cultural or linguistic background.

Graduate credits are available for Via Lingua graduates, in recognition of the quality of the program. Accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, the MATESOL program balances theory and practice, so students will be prepared to study, conduct and share unique research into the teaching and learning of English.

Successful completion of the Via Lingua certification program will qualify applicants who have been accepted into the Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MATESOL) at Ohio Dominican University for up to six credits of advanced standing toward their MATESOL Degree.

The degree program consists of 33 credit hours including a practicum and research project.   Graduates are then able to use research into the structure and acquisition of language to help English learns (ELs) develop language, literacy and content knowledge. Use research into the nature and role of culture and cultural groups to construct supportive learning environments for ELs. Use evidence-based principles and practices to plan, implement and manage standards-based ESOL and content instruction. Understand assessment issues in TESOL and use standards-based measures with ESOL students. Use knowledge of TESOL, both past and present, to reflect on and improve professional practices. By earning their TESOL endorsement, teachers who are already licensed in another subject area are prepared to teach English as a Second Language.



Graduate Credits for MATESOL at Oklahoma City University

Oklahoma City University

Oklahoma City University



Oklahoma City University offers this Master of Arts degree to prepare competent and conscientious professionals in the field of teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). The degree program consists of 36 credit hours and is designed to provide students with a solid theoretical foundation and the necessary professional skills in TESOL at different levels of education (early childhood, elementary, secondary, tertiary, and adult literacy) and in different milieus (English as a foreign language and English as a second language). It aims to equip students with the linguistic knowledge, cultural understanding, and pedagogical training essential in the various aspects of TESOL including, among other things, curriculum design, material preparation, methodologies, classroom procedures, and assessment.


Graduate Credits for MATESOL at Southern New Hampshire  University



The Master of Science in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at Southern New Hampshire University is designed for people teaching or intending to teach English in foreign school systems, language schools, businesses and organizations. The MS in TEFL is also appropriate for those who wish to teach in similar situations here in the United States.

Opportunities for teaching English in other countries are increasing yearly as English continues to be the preferred language for many professions and a requirement in many foreign school systems, beginning as early as primary school. An MS in Teaching English as a Foreign Language is the degree of choice for overseas employment.

In the MS in Teaching English as a Foreign Language program, methodologies for all types of teaching situations are integrated into the curriculum, as well as strategies for teaching learners of all ages. Twelve courses are required (including supervised practice teaching) for a total of 36 credits.

Participants in the MS in TEFL program have the opportunity to observe classes throughout the Greater Manchester area and in the year-round Intensive English Program offered by The Institute for G


Graduate Credits for TESOL at Greensboro College

 Greensboro College

Greensboro College


Whether you hope to teach English to non-native speakers in a community college, institute of higher education, nonprofit organization, K-12 context, or abroad — an M.A. from Greensboro College can help you achieve your dreams.

If you enjoy being in an educational setting and learning about different cultures, you should consider a Master of Arts degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at Greensboro College. With a Master’s in TESOL, you will be qualified to apply for full-time teaching positions in a variety of academic settings including community colleges, private language academies, K-12 schools*, university-based intensive English programs, and non-profit service organizations.

For those who crave adventure, there are exciting, attractive jobs teaching English around the world with good salaries, paid travel expenses, subsidized housing, paid vacation and health insurance. Greensboro College can help get you there.

Our M.A. in TESOL is the credential that English language employers seek and it will open doors far beyond that of a TESOL certificate program. Our core curriculum seeks a balance between working with adults and working with children, with the goal of preparing our graduates for a variety of teaching contexts. Specialized elective courses allow you to customize the program to meet your individual needs.

Founded in 2001, this 30-semester-hour program consists of:

  • 15 hours of language and culture,
  • 9 hours of pedagogy, and
  • 6 hours of research

Other special features:

  • Work at your own pace — including a fast-track option. Studies may be completed in four consecutive semesters (13 months) or at a more relaxed pace, if that is what you choose.
  • Courses in the fall and spring semesters are offered online, with a face-to-face residential component in the summer months.
  • Residential program includes a five-week summer session from late June to end of July with affordable room and board.
  • Students who are unable to attend the summer session in Greensboro have the option to complete the program entirely online.

Founded in 1838, Greensboro College provides undergraduate students a true liberal-arts education while also offering four master’s degrees. Greensboro College provides a coeducational and independent learning atmosphere with approximately 1,000 undergraduate students from 29 states and territories, the District of Columbia, and seven foreign countries. We have 45 full-time faculty who teach 32 majors and more than 1,000 different courses directly to our students. We pride ourselves on our one-on-one contact between faculty and students, with no graduate assistants or teaching assistants teaching courses at Greensboro. We consider ourselves a leader in academic advising and leadership development programs. Greensboro College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)

For information please contact:

Michelle Plaisance, Ph.D.
TESOL Director



Graduate Credits for MA Education Program at Augustana University

Augustana University

Augustana University 


The graduate degree program in the Education Department emulates the Circle of Courage philosophy focusing on belonging, mastery, generosity and independence. The program is designed to enhance an individual’s ability to create positive learning environments for learners by building classrooms and schools that promote belonging, mastery, generosity, and independence. To that end, the program provides in-depth knowledge and application of educational research to classroom practice.

The Integrative Studies component of the master’s degree program enables students to interface a liberal arts perspective with rigorous, professional education training.

Specific competencies for the students in the Master of Arts in Education are as follows:

  1. MA Program candidates plan and deliver meaningful and purposeful learning opportunities, including those which engage students in the use of technology.
  2. MA Program candidates establish positive, inclusive collaborative learning communities in classrooms and schools and prepare students and their learning communities for participation in a diverse, global society.
  3. MA Program candidates demonstrate different ways to elicit evidence of student learning and understanding.
  4. MA candidates are reflective, research-based collaborative educators.

The Education Program at Augustana University and  the online Master of Arts Program are accredited by NCATE (National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education).

Because the program is offered online, adult students can complete their degree requirements and maintain their busy lifestyles. The online delivery also makes it possible for teachers in rural areas to further their education. Additionally, the program’s cohort model lends support to students. Master’s candidates proceed through the program with 15 students, lending support and offering varied perspectives and knowledge to the experience.

Students may transfer in up to three credits earned via Continuing Education courses and may present transcripts for these when they apply to the program, granted they are previously approved as relevant to the student’s plan of study by the Program Director and Director of Graduate Education.

Graduate Credits for MA in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Program at West Chester University

West Chester University

West Chester University

The Master of Arts in teaching English as a second language is an interdisciplinary program contributed to by the departments of English, Languages and Cultures, Anthropology and Sociology, Communication Studies, and Philosophy. The program is designed for those preparing to teach English to students whose first language is not English; graduates of this program are also prepared to design ESL/EFL curriculum and to assess the linguistic development of second language students.  Also offered is the certificate of preparation in ESL teaching, a graduate program that leads to the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s qualification for teaching ESL PK-12 in the public schools. The certificate courses may be applied toward the M.A. in TESL. Provided that entering students are precertified in a stand-alone area, this certificate qualifies graduates for public school ESL teaching in Pennsylvania. Both the M.A. and certificate programs provide background in linguistics, sociolinguistics and culture, and teaching methodology in TESL.


Graduate Credits for MA Education Program at Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University

The Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) prepares students to become exemplary classroom teachers committed to continued professional development within a variety of contexts. Graduates of the program currently serve in the United States and several foreign countries in public and adult schools, colleges, universities, private institutions, and businesses.  Graduate credits are available for Via Lingua graduates, in recognition of the quality of the program.

APU's TESOL programs blend compassionate Christian service with strong academic preparation and practical training in language teaching. Project-based coursework engages the student in a variety of practical tasks, allowing students to:

  • Formulate a working philosophy of language learning and teaching.
  • Teach English grammar and pronunciation.
  • Organize student interactions, activities, and tasks.
  • Understand the influence of social and cultural differences on language development.
  • Engage in practice-teaching experiences and student-teacher observation.
  • Plan, implement, and assess student achievement.
  • In the on-campus and online formats, develop a teacher portfolio that demonstrates their competence in teaching English as a second language.

Why Study TESOL at APU?

  • APU's TESOL certificate programs combine an orientation toward compassionate Christian service with strong academic preparation and practical preparation for language teaching.
  • The programs represent a blend of coursework and practical experiences which equip graduates to respond to the wide range of language needs, sociocultural differences, and program requirements they will encounter.
  • Qualified faculty share their professional and cross-cultural experiences while adapting coursework to the unique needs and interest of students.
  • APU is located in the greater Los Angeles area, where more than 150 languages are spoken. This diverse linguistic and cultural environment offers students an unmatched variety of multicultural practice-teaching and research opportunities.
  • Graduates of APU's TESOL programs are currently serving both internationally and in the U.S.—in public schools, colleges and universities, private institutes, and businesses. Others have gone on to complete doctoral work in such fields as applied linguistics, international education, or intercultural studies.


Graduate Credits for TESOL, Master of Science in Education at St. John's University

St. John's University

St. John's University


Established in 1908, the St. John’s University School of Education was the second school in New York State to award graduate degrees to teachers. Today, the School has three departments: Department of Curriculum and Instruction; the Department of Administrative and Instructional Leadership; and the Department of Education Specialties and Counseling. In 2002, U.S. News and World Report featured the School in its list of "America’s Best Graduate Schools."

The School of Education has four major goals, consistent with the mission and distinctive purposes of St. John's University: to foster a culture of academic excellence and commitment to moral values; to provide for the professional development of faculty and students; to support and encourage excellence in teaching and scholarly research; and to serve as a partner and resource to the larger educational community. Specifically, the School’s purpose is to:


  • Afford a vibrant learning experience that supports the intellectual, professional and moral development of students.
  • Provide programs that enable the School’s students to function effectively and professionally in today’s dynamic, multicultural, multi-ethnic society.
  • Encourage students to develop a personal education philosophy consistent with the University's mission.
  • Foster basic and applied research in education and human services, in an environment that encourages collaboration among students and faculty.
  • Serve as a resource center to the educational community at large by providing leadership and supportive services for local, state and national associations; sponsoring professional meetings and seminars; and offering consultative services for schools and community agencies.

These research and standards-based graduate programs prepare professional, competent, caring and multicultural educators of English Language Learners (ELLs). The Master of Science degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) offers two tracks, for those with and without New York State Certification.


Graduate Credits for MA TESOL Program at Westcliff University

Westcliff University


Westcliff University 


The mission of the MA TESOL Program is to prepare students to be competent and reflective TESOL professionals in the global community who possess the breadth and depth of knowledge in the theories and pedagogy necessary for varied ESOL teaching contexts and student needs.

The Westcliff MA TESOL program prepares you for a career in TESOL instruction or administration. At Westcliff University you will

  • Work with diverse students, make teaching demonstrations, and lead projects based on the latest research in the TESOL field
  • Build a foundation in TESOL principles for teaching and for administration
  • Develop your ability to think critically and problem solve creatively
  • Take advantage of workshops and guest speaker presentations, offered throughout the year on both online and hybrid programs.
  • Network with students and faculty working in diverse TESOL backgrounds
  • Equally important, you will learn from professors who are experienced TESOL instructors, administrators, and curriculum and program developers

MA TESOL Program produces graduates with the skills to train teaching faculty who excel in their roles as educators, creative scholars, and researchers.  This program will prepare teachers for a wide variety of positions both in the US and abroad.  Our students will be equipped with the specialized knowledge and field skills for teaching English to speakers of other languages.  Upon graduation, they will be competent professional educators with demonstrable leadership skills.

The performance outcomes which are required for the completion of the program include: class participation, response to discussion questions, writing research papers, group assignments, case study analyses, quizzes, mid-term and final examinations (Comprehensive Learning Assessments).


Graduate Credits for MATESOL at Notre Dame de Namur University

Notre Dame de Namur University


 Notre Dame de Namur University

The goal of the online MA TESOL program is to develop professional TESOL practitioners with expertise in three key areas: conceptual knowledge, theoretical knowledge, and application skills. The course structure offers flexibility for students to plan and advance their learning according to their convenience. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

  • Identify what they have learned as knowledgeable consumers of educational literature.
  • Think about issues and practices from a theoretical standpoint.
  • Select and apply appropriate research-based TESOL practices.
  • Access a wide range of TESOL instructional materials, approaches, and methods, including application of a wide range of technology, to educate students at different stages of development coming from differing cultural and linguistic backgrounds as well.
  • Design and implement K-12, post-secondary adult TESOL classroom and community programs focused on human rights, multicultural issues, and language education.
  • Examine, select, and use a wide range of second language assessment tools including informal/formal, individual/group, formative/summative, and technology-based instruments, appropriate for learners at different stages of development and from differing cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


Graduate Credits for M.Ed Program at Southern Utah University


Southern Utah University

Southern Utah University

Southern Utah University offers a 36 credit hour Master of Education Degree with 24 core required credits and 12 graduate level elective credits.  Based on SUU credit transfer policies, in some situations, graduate level coursework earned towards an endorsement may be used as elective credit towards the M.Ed. Review of transcripts and other documentation (Utah Cactus records, etc.) submitted during the application process is required to determine the number, if any, of credits accepted.

The Taylor Sorenson College of Education and Human Development has as its  primary mission  to advance education, human performance, and family development through knowledge, compassion, and action. The College contains the Teacher Education, Physical Education, and Family Life departments.  Within each department you will find faculty and staff that are dedicated to providing meaningful educational opportunities.  These opportunities are provided through our degrees that are centered around community partnerships.



 Tuition Waiver for MATESOL Program at Marlboro College 

Marlboro College


Based in picturesque Southern Vermont, the Marlboro MATESOL program is for those who want to do more than teach English to speakers of other languages.  It is for those who are curious and innovative, who are passionate about what they do, and who want to teach with intention, mindfulness and courage. The program prepares teachers who are aware of the complex role of English in the world today and who base their practice on learning-centredness, inter-cultural understanding, learning in community, and critical reflection.

The Marlboro MATESOL program consists of  two 8-week intensives during the summer (mid-June to mid-August). In the interim year students undertake two practice-based courses, supported online. This structure allows students to teach in classrooms all over the world while they earn their Master’s at Marlboro.

Marlboro is proud to partner with Via Lingua. In lieu of a credit waiver, Marlboro offers a $5,000 scholarship for accepted students who have completed the Via Lingua TESOL certificate.

Marlboro MATESOL alum Jamie Polzin describes the program as transformative, saying: “The masters program in TESOL revamped and transformed my perspective on the field. I am more equipped to pursue employment in a fast-paced, globalizing world. Through Marlboro I have a refined my vision for innovation in teaching, and gained the support of a lifelong, thoughtful, and supportive international community.”



 Graduate Credits for MA Education Program at LCC International University

LCC International University 


LCC International University offers a unique 2-year Master-level program that is new to the region. The program is designed for working professionals and incorporates both face-to-face and online instruction. The Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) was started in 2010 and builds on the university’s historic strength in English language studies. It offers a graduate-level program for those interested in pedagogical excellence.

Master’s programs in TESOL are common in many parts of the world, but are new to Lithuania. This international program follows three key principles: theoretical linguistic knowledge, applied scientific research, and the practical use of both theory and research. The goal of this program is to equip graduates for both teaching and leadership positions within the field of TESOL instruction.

The core of this program consists of building on theoretical linguistic frameworks for the purpose of researching and applying principles of language teaching pedagogy in practical settings. The M.A. in TESOL program at LCC International University is geared toward a wide audience. It is designed for those who are willing to deepen their knowledge of applied linguistics as well as those who want a thorough knowledge of foreign language teaching methods and their practical application in international contexts.

In particular, the program is designed for:

  • High school teachers willing to enrich their professional and methodological competence;
  • Individuals who have received their Bachelor’s degree and want to pursue a career in English language teaching in an increasingly multilingual world;
  • Individuals who are interested in language program administration and management;
  • Individuals who are interested in research in the field of applied linguistics.

The study program is externally evaluated and validated by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC), an independent public agency.  The program received the initial accreditation in 2009.


Graduate Credits for MA Education Program at Horizons University


Horizons University


Horizons University



The Master of Arts degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA TESOL) is designed for those interested in teaching English as a foreign language to children and adults in a variety of educational settings. The MA TESOL program is a practitioner-oriented degree that combines a comprehensive coverage of theory and practice of foreign language learning and teaching. An interdisciplinary program, it aims to equip teachers of ESL/EFL with solid knowledge of second language acquisition theory, the structure of English, pragmatics, teaching methods and principles, as well as to provide practical training in curriculum development and design, assessment, educational research, and computer assisted language learning. This program also prepares students planning to pursue Ph.D. programs in TESO


Credits  from  your College  or University

Via Lingua  works directly with many universities and we are  glad to assist you in gaining credit for your TEFL Certification program abroad. If you take one of our courses we can provide all the documentation, including transcripts and syllabi, needed to help you receive credit directly from your home institution.


 Complete List of Partner Universities (pdf)


Complete List of Partner Universities

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