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Teach English thanks to your TEFL certification in Greece. Prepare to teach English in Greece by earning your TEFL certificate in Greece in just four weeks.

TEFL Course in Greece, Crete

Advantages of getting TEFL certified in Greece

Participate with Via Lingua Greece, country in which you would like to live and teach English! During the course, you will receive job guidance to help you teach English in Greece.

TEFL course in Greece

All Via Lingua TEFL Certification programs offered in Greece are four weeks long. The courses are full time, run from Monday to Friday, and cover all the essentials you need to begin teaching English as a foreign language. Included in the Via Lingua Greece certificate sessions on pedagogy, language awareness and English grammar, as well as observed teaching practice with community students.

Internationally recognized certification

Successful participants on the Via Lingua Greece TEFL certification program will receive a TEFL certificate. This certificate is recognized internationally and satisfies the criteria for teaching at language schools in Greece.

TEFL certification courses Greece

Living in Greece

Tefl Courses in Greece

You are unlikely to find a more charming and beautiful location than Crete. From the life and vitality of the old town of Hania to the medieval mountain villages, from the sun-drenched sandy beaches with their all-year-round sunshine to the Minoan ruins of Knossos - Crete seems to offer everything. The wild landscapes of the interior and the majestically unspoiled trekking opportunities of the nearby Samaria Gorge make you forget sometimes that you are never more than a few miles from a palm-fringed beach.

TEFL jobs in Greece

There is a considerable demand for the teaching of English as a foreign language and there are opportunities for regular and part-time employment. In Crete there are literally hundreds of "frontistiria" (private language schools) and the majority of Greek school children attend one after school hours. Many native English speakers work teaching English either in frontistiria or by giving private English lessons to pupils.


The Via Lingua TEFL certificate is well known in Greece and by earning the certificate; it will allow you to work in language schools. Some of the teaching jobs may require you to have a degree or teaching experience.

Teach english in greece

Greece is one of the best places to teach English. English teachers in Greece are hired year round and job interviews are held by phone and email. Many teachers live in apartments where their colleagues lived and many teachers share apartments with other teachers. Salaries in Greece are modest, but typically high enough to cover basic expenses, allowing teachers to live a comfortable life. Schools generally offer 20 to 25 contact-teaching hours per week. This leaves you the chance to explore the natural wonders and rich cultural heritage of Greece.

how can we help you teach english in Greece?

Via Lingua is the world leader in TEFL certification to teach English abroad. We offer international, accredited TEFL courses in locations worldwide. Via Lingua certifies on average 1000 TEFL teachers every year. In Greece, the course is held in Hania.

Get TEFL certified in Crete - Greece

TEFL Course Crete

Wherever you decide to do your TEFL course, you are unlikely to find a more charming and beautiful location than Crete. From the life and vitality of the old town of Hania to the medieval…


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