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Via Lingua Certificate in Teaching English as Foreign Language: CTEFL

Be sure to research the highest quality TEFL course for your needs. You will be glad you invested your time and resources in learning from and with the best in our field. Whether you hope to teach face-to-face, online, or even just volunteer, your TEFL course experience will prepare you for a very bright future.

Quality TEFL Course

Our long experience and mostly, our thousands of trained graduates will provide you with confidence and competence as you start your teaching journey.  Each TEFL course is geared to maximize our study time together and all TEFL course components overlap to make your qualification as foundational and up-to-date as possible.

The people responsible for Via Lingua TEFL courses are professional, empathetic and dedicated to the field of TEFL and TESOL. Each student is guaranteed to feel the personal touch and personalized learning that distinguishes our TEFL course curriculum. Trainers, observers, administrative staff, and all support personnel combine to create an exciting atmosphere of learning and development in the exciting field of EFL and ESL.  Our encouraging attitude is something we are proud of and enjoy sharing every day.

Via Lingua TEFL course

Via Lingua provides a 130-hour TEFL course for those who wish to gain certification as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Typically course participants(trainees) are over 18 years of age and may hold a university degree. Non-degree holders will be considered for a place if their qualifications and / or experience are regarded as being equivalent to the demands of a degree. Trainees must either be native speakers of English or be able to demonstrate a competence in English sufficient for study. We will be glad to interview you, personally, or you may submit results of an international test.

General principles that underpin the Via Lingua CTEFL program

The Via Lingua TEFL course is unique in the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, in terms of both the content and the structure. The TEFL course is underpinned by the following principles:

  • We recognize the fact that individuals who attend our study programs are involved in a life-long journey of personal and professional development and that they bring to the TEFL course a variety of skills, talents, experiences, needs and objectives. We seek to support individuals as they endeavor to add to their existing repertoire of achievements.
  • We also recognize the fact that one of the greatest challenges and opportunities provided by Via Lingua TEFL courses is in relation to cultural exchange. Our aim is to provide study programs that draw on the local community and actively cultivate the exchange of information, ideas, experiences, language and culture.
  • In addition, we recognize that many of the qualities and skills required of a successful language teacher are transferable in nature and not restricted simply to an awareness of pedagogy and language teaching techniques. An integral part of the objectives of TEFL course, therefore, is a strong focus on the development of life skills, the type of skills that will contribute not only to professional success but, more importantly, to the development of the whole person.
  • Furthermore, we recognize that personal and professional development opportunities, such as Via Lingua TEFL courses, are only successful if the individual takes personal responsibility for his / her own process and makes effective use of the support and guidance which is provided as part of the study environment. An important objective of our programs is to provide a framework for individual growth and development, rather than a "one size fits all" course.
  • We are very aware that individuals who take part in our study programs are often in possession of a range of talents. Our aim is to incorporate these talents into every aspect of group and individualized programs.
  • Finally, we recognize the fact that both theory and practice in relation to the teaching of English as a Foreign Language are constantly changing in the light of new research data. Our intention is to ensure that Via Lingua TEFL courses, and the trainers who deliver the programs, retain their position at the cutting edge of TEFL thinking. The active involvement of our staff in action research activities allows us to contribute to this process.


Tefl course

“Education is all a matter of building bridges” - Ralph Ellison

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