Why study and teach abroad? Study abroad or teaching abroad may be one of the best experiences for a student or teacher. By study abroad or teaching abroad, you have the possibility to live cross-cultural experience.

Why Study, Teach, Live Abroad

There are many reasons to study abroad, each with lasting personal and professional benefits


There are many reasons to study abroad, each with personal and professional benefits. Below please view the statements about the importance of this life-changing experience.

Why Study and Teach, Live Abroad

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Teaching English Today

Via Lingua offers innovative programs for motivated people of all ages interested in travel, cross-cultural exchange and teaching English worldwide. Our mission is to offer you the most personalized and rewarding experience possible while teaching around the world. You will completely immerse yourself in another culture, living in, working in, and learning about your chosen location.

Not only will you learn and apply new skills while teaching English as a Foreign Language, you'll be making genuine contributions to the success and well being of others in the world. Teaching abroad allows you to get the chance to learn the local language, travel the country and meet the local community. You will love engaging in a new culture as a true insider, and whether you spend a month, a year or a career!

All Via Lingua programs include a concentrated, four-week TEFL training and certification program, pre-departure support, and job guidance and placement for teaching jobs overseas. Some programs include local language and cultural training, guaranteed job placement, accommodations, excursions, and other support services. Our programs are hosted by dynamic language schools and offer you the opportunity to network with experienced teachers and mentors.

Now is a great time to teach English overseas. Due to very high demand for certified instructors, the availability of paid teaching positions remains high in all of our international locations. Teaching English will help you develop your own perspective about the diversity, creativity and integrity of cultures and populations around the world.

Teach live abroad

Learning for Life

While the Via Lingua experience is first and foremost an international adventure, our participants return from their international adventure with new perspectives, broad experience, and a skill-set applicable to a variety of careers. International experience is vital for almost every profession, and you gain valuable experience along with maturity, independence, enhanced communication skills and cross-cultural awareness.

Business and education are global, and many companies and schools are looking for people with foreign language skills gained from living and working abroad. A lot depends on how well you use your teaching and non-teaching time abroad so we suggest that you spend as much time as possible getting to know the culture of the country, learning or actually doing as much as you possibly can. You build up hard and soft skills that give you an edge when you return home, not to mention confidence in your ability to think globally and act locally.

"Americans need enhanced international skills and knowledge to guarantee our national security and economic competitiveness. An educational opportunity outside the United States can be among the most valuable tools for preparing a student to participate effectively in an increasingly interconnected international community that demands cross-cultural skills and knowledge... Many corporate CEOs are eloquent on their need for managers with international skills."

- Securing America's Future: Global Education for a Global Age, Report of the Strategic Task Force on Education Abroad (NAFSA)

USA Study Abroad


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